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When it comes to your car, the engine is its beating heart. It is the center of your car’s power system and the component that propels you down roadways. The other features of your car are essentially pointless if the engine doesn’t work. In the event of an engine malfunction, the entire vehicle could become severely damaged or rendered inoperable.

This is why it’s so important to regularly inspect and service your car’s engine. To guarantee that the engine is running smoothly, it is essential to do routine maintenance and inspections. Regular maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups can keep an engine running smoothly and prevent costly repairs. 

Engine repairs on one of your largest investments can be a scary thing. That’s why we recommend working with a partner you can trust – like your friends at Soddy Daisy Speed Shop and Auto Repair.

Does Your Car’s Engine Need Maintenance?

There are a number of warning signals that your car’s engine needs to be repaired, including the presence of weird noises or a lack of power or acceleration. Here’s a brief checklist of signs to look for to see whether your car requires engine repairs or maintenance: 

  • Continuous engine misfires.
  • High amounts of oil consumption.
  • Poor or deteriorating acceleration.
  • Stalling often or idling roughly.
  • Decreased fuel efficiency.
  • Uncomfortable vibrations at high speeds.
  • Loud, odd noises from the engine.
  • Too much smoke is being released from the tailpipe.

Don’t wait to bring your vehicle into Soddy Daisy Speed Shop and Auto Repair if you’re having any of these issues with your engine. If your car’s engine is giving you trouble, our top-notch team of mechanics is here to help you. You can trust that your car, truck, or SUV will be well cared for whenever you bring it to our auto shop, regardless of the extent of the issue.

When Is Engine Replacement Necessary?

Engine replacement may be your only choice if the problem is severe enough to prevent the car from being driven. We will do everything we can to salvage your engine, but if there is too much damage, it may need to be replaced. Possible causes for an engine replacement might be: 


  • Widespread corrosion and rust.
  • Wear and tear from consistent use. 
  • Extreme overheating due to inadequate flow of coolant.
  • Components in the block or head that have worn out considerably.
  • Major damage to the block, such as cracks or broken pieces.
  • Problems with internal mechanical components, such as locked-up pistons or valves.

Our certified mechanics will examine the engine and perform whatever is necessary to fix it. If we determine that replacing your vehicle’s engine is the safest choice, we will install a brand-new, high-quality unit backed by our warranty. 

High-Quality Engine Repair in Soddy-Daisy, TN

Whether it’s something relatively minor like an emissions update to correct your check engine light – or a bigger job like an engine rebuild or swap, trust the certified professionals at Soddy Daisy Speed Shop. We partner closely with several local machine shops – and are distributors for several big-name engine rebuilders and manufacturers like Jasper and Blueprint – so we can help you out regardless of whether your engine problem or mechanical issue is large or small.

Mechanical issues with your vehicle generally don’t improve over time and can also cause additional problems or failures if left unaddressed, so if something doesn’t seem right with your ride – or if you’d just like to get a quote or talk through work that needs to be done – reach out to your partners at the speed shop.

We have relationships with most of the largest parts suppliers in the United States, so getting parts for your vehicle in a timely manner will likely not be a problem for us. Additionally, all of our maintenance and repair work comes with our exclusive Soddy Daisy Speed Shop and Auto Repair warranty, so you know that you’re going to be covered – and comfortable – well into the future.

Ask about our same-day service options!

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